Out of the Ashes

So it’s Wellness Wednesday again. And this time I’m in the process of cleaning up my environment and setting myself up for success. I found that if I’m miserable because my house is a mess and I’m unorganized, I can’t even begin to get myself into new habits and a positive frame of mind. 

Started with my goals for the new year and one of them is to be happier. Made a list of things  that I needed to make that happen. One of them was to clean out my basement. I was having nightmares of living in a house full of garbage, bugs and all sorts of nastiness. I was down right disgusted when I woke up. I’m not one for having reoccurring nightmares, sonthis made me real miserable. So I busted out some new boxes and repackaged some things, put all the Christmas decorations neatly away. Got over my fear of cobwebs and vaccuumed them all up. Still not 100% done but it’s getting there. I still hate my basement because it’s not entirely finished (there is a lot of cement floors and beams ect), but clean is better then the gross mess it was before. 

Note: not my actual basement, but this is what it felt like to me. So you can kind of get a picture of why I was so down. 

Next was a step to get some good habits rocking daily. Got my makeup stuff into cute jars. Basically I raided Pintrest for hours to find little ways to make my life a little more organized and pretty.  I was horrible at removing my makeup and washing my face daily. Now I’ve got everything set up all on the counter, so there’s no more excuses for that. Do whatever it takes!

It’s just like going to the gym, you have to set yourself up for success. Put your gym clothes out so that you see them. Make sure you build time into your schedule for it (and for people who say they don’t have time…. if you watch TV you sure as heck do!). Even if for the first month you just go there and walk on the treadmill for an hour, that’s ok. Build a good habit of just getting your butt there. Never skip a Monday: if you do, you usually end up slipping into longer stretches of inactivity. 

Rise out of the ashes of your current self and become someone better.  Be better than the person you were yesterday. That’s the easiest way towards your goals: One day at a time. 

Goodluck my beauties and beasts!


I’m Back and Kicking Ass

I’m back. Didn’t really go anywhere, just got caught up trying to balance life. I’m a mom and career woman. That’s just the way it is. Also a horrible procrastinator. Can’t lie. So let’s get back to it. 

So my first couple of posts kind of touched on the plan of how these posts are going to go…

Food Fridays, Muscle Mondays, Trending Tuesdays, I’m not sure what to do with Thursdays (warning: it may be reserved for rants), but Wednesday is all about wellness. And I’m thinking about probably leaning towards mental stuff because I struggle in that arena, as are a lot of people now. I took psychology in University, so it’s something I read about often as it peaks my interest. 

So I’m back and it’s Wednesday.  I’m going to share something that I’ve been doing to improve my overall wellness. I quit drinking alcohol. Not cut back, or changed to just social occasions. Nope I quit all together. Went sober. That’s a huge deal for me. It’s been 4weeks and I haven’t had a drink. It hasn’t been easy, and that does bother me. 

People on Reddit actually inspired me to do this. Seeing their before and after pictures were crazy. I haven’t seen a big difference and maybe I never will until I change some other things too. But seeing their face after 3, 6, 12 months of sobriety was incredible. And I realized that how often I was drinking was not horrible but still abnormal to the average person. Drinking 3-4 times a week…. I was drinking more days than not. Since it was my partner and I drinking at home together, I knew we were heading down a rabbit hole of living like this. It had become routine. Drinking alcohol should not be routine. I’m 31 now and I’ve lived that way since I moved out at 17. Almost half of my life lived in the bottle and not seeing a problem with it. It didn’t help that the entirety of my 20s were spent working in bars. 

It sprung on me so unexpectedly. I couldn’t live like this anymore. I was always anxious and angry. There was not a single feeling of positivity in my body. And I didn’t work in the bar industry anymore, so there was no need to be living that hard party lifestyle. Not to mention, my tolerance had gotten kind of wonky and I didn’t like what kind of person I was when I drank. I’d wake up the next day and hate myself. 

I know it’s weird reading this as it’s only a couple posts after my first Food Friday talking about trying to quit alcohol, pop and junk food. But it’s been 6 months of my life gone by with no change. I needed to do something drastic or nothing would change. 

If you want a better life and to be well, figure out what you need to do and go for it. Quitting drinking was scary for me. But it has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of my life. So hopefully I can now take this discipline and apply it to other things in life. 

Do or do not. There is no try. 

The Denim Blues

Even though it’s 30 degrees outside (90+ for you non-metric followers) and disgustingly humid, all the stores have switched over to fall clothing. It’s just the way it is, no need to lose one’s mind. Working in the business, I’m used to everything coming into the store two months before you need it. It’s so that you have lots of time to choose your new items before the weather changes. 

So this year there are more jean styles to choose from than ever before, and that’s because this decade has seen a mash up of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s fashion trends all smashed in together. There’s low rise, high rise, retro high rise (so even higher), roller (which are at your navel), ankle jeans (purposefully short) and we’re just getting through the jegging style. There’s also skinny (which are looser than the jeggings despite their name) girlfriend jeans (replacing last year’s boyfriend trend) and finally the new mom jeans. Yes, you heard that right. We are paying top dollar for jeans that are hiding in your mom’s early 90’s packed away wardrobe that she doesn’t fit into anymore. 

[mom jeans above and ankle below]

…. And you can still find flare and bootcut in a couple stores if you still haven’t let those early 2000’s trends go. As long as Snake Eyes (those gigantic clown pant looking things that you could fit your whole body in) don’t come back, we’re all good. 

So many to choose from, you’re going to find something that suits you. That being said, whatever style you want my not be the style that fits your body. Every style is cut differently and depending upon how you’re shaped, certain styles may not fit your body. For example, very curvy ladies typically dont fit girlfriend or boyfriend well. The jeans end up tight in the leg but very baggy around the waist. Mom jeans and super stretchy retro or roller waists generally work better. For ladies with thin legs but who are a little trunky, low waist is best. This is just simply due to the fact that by the time you find a size that fits the waist well, the leg part gets to be too baggy when working with high waisted styles. Finally with ladies who are straight up and down, mom jeans may not be flattering because they may fit well in the waist, but they may be to baggy in butt/crotch area or hips. 

There is a pair of jeans out there for everyone. It may not me what you were looking for, but you will find something to fit your body type that is trending. It’s not like there’s only mom jeans out there. So don’t get frustrated that certain jeans don’t fit you. It happens. Keep trying every style until you find one that makes you look good and that you’re comfortable in. Everyone’s body is built differently, and we just have to accept that. And it would be far too expensive for us if stores custom built all our jeans. 

Good luck finding your new favorite pair this fall! And never underestimate the value of $10 waist tailoring or a good belt. 

A New Start

So today was my first day back at the gym… 

And it went more amazing than I expected!!! Lots of new things mashing up with old things, and what the future has in store for my workout routine is going to be great. 

First things first… I had laparoscopic surgery a month ago for endometriosis (long word describing a medical condition that we will talk about a lot more later), and it’s always scary the first day going back to weight lifting because for the first few weeks you’re supposed to suspend physical activity [specifically lifting heavy things!].  I’m always afraid I’m going to hurt something or get started my workout and be too tired. But the fantastic news is neither of those things happened!

So I successfully negotiated my workout… Exactly what I had planned. But here’s the even better part: my new workout aid helped me lift more today than I was lifting before I had surgery. I used my brand new Newage Performance mouth guard [Legit not a plug, but it is amazing].  I always clenched my teeth while lifting, and this is a way I don’t worry about shattering my teeth while I workout. So now, all my energy gets put into lifting and not worrying about unclenching my face. The mouth guard claims to increase your lifts. I don’t even care if that direct correlation is true. But the fact that I don’t worry about messing up my teeth…. Bonus!!

But for my first muscle Monday, I should give some advice for all of you out there. This isn’t all about me.  For anyone starting a new routine or is having a hard time sticking to a routine, this is my favorite mantra: NEVER MISS A MONDAY.  No matter what, if you don’t skip Monday, you have a better chance at success. Most people, if they put off Monday will skip ths entire rest of the week. This is obviously counter productive. Next Monday we will be talking more about specific muscle type things. 

If you skipped Monday because you hadn’t heard this….. Get Tuesday!!! 

Activate Beastmode!

I don’t eat clean (yet)

So in spirit of getting to know me better, I decided to talk about my current diet habits on this first Food Friday. Most fitness bloggers and trainers eat really clean, and in the coming weeks I will too, but for now let’s be honest…..

I have a horrible sugar addiction, mostly centered around soda and energy drinks. This is worst part of my day to day intake. I probably drink an average of 1500 calories a day. To put that in perspective, I only have 700 calories left (of a standard maintenance diet of the average adult) to eat. But even if I chose to be a rabbit and eat nothing but healthy vegetables all day and not exceed my calorie count, I’m still taking in way way too much sugar. This is why I’m over weight. 

Then next bump on the diet road is that I like to drink alcohol. I probably indulge at least three times a week, doing about 5-6 drinks each time. The carbs that I’m drinking in my delicious beers are also keeping those extra couple inches on my waist. 

Lastly, I don’t plan meals so I end up grabbing fast food while I’m at work everyday. Then if my husband or I are tired, we don’t cook either and again eat something we shouldn’t. My poor body and wallet are both suffering. If I continue on this path I will gain more weight and develop health problems. I’m already sad about how I look and feel, so a change is necessary. 

Here’s the plan! (And here’s hoping you join me) I’m just going to give it all up. I’m one of those all or nothing type people. If I fall off the wagon once, I keep justifying a delay to get back on. So…. No more soda or alcohol, and making prepped/planned meals. In the following weeks every Friday’s post is going to be about food (hence the aforementioned Food Firdays). So we’re going to talk prepping, making good choices and probably even some recipes. I’ll let you know how I’ve been doing and I hope it inspires you to make some changes too.

Food tip for this week: if you’re cutting out something bad, and you can’t go everything cold turkey: break it down. Chose the most important thing to cut out first and just concentrate on that. Take a calendar and mark down every day that you are successful in not having that item. If you fall off the wagon, count how many days you made it and go for more then second time.

As long as you’re trying to move forward, you’re not going backward.