Who wears short shorts?….


Ok. So I work in retail; specifically ladies appearal targeted at the 15-21 age range. The months of May and June are a nightmare for me with the constant struggle between parent and child of what is an acceptable length of short to wear.  The fact that the battle rages on all over social media, makes it in escapable. I’m seriously kind of over it: I quit. Do whatever. 

I’m honestly on both sides of the coin here. I get that it’s important for young people to learn to respect dress codes because they’re going to encounter it in the workplace. It’s not a ridiculous or overbearing thing to be pushing onto young people. It’s not like their wardrobe is being controlled 24/7. 

However I do feel that dress codes are gender biased and could use some retooling. Like shorts for example (which is where the most hell takes place), are usually required to be fingertip length. That doesn’t exist anymore. You can’t buy them anywhere. My store has some that are just fingertip for me. I’m 5’9″ but I’m a size ten. There are 14 year olds that are 5’9″ now that are a size 2 and with how lanky they are, it doesn’t go that long on them. And with how long their legs are…… it looks too short. But if you look at their inseams or butt,  they’re well covered. So I think it’s ok. The girls like them because they’re not too long and the moms like them because their butts aren’t hanging out. Should be problem solved. Nope. Too short for school because it doesn’t pass their fingers. Seriously?!?!

This is considered inappropriate under most schools dress codes

I’m not going to start going into the whole girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want without being sexualized rant because that will take up too much time. But honestly, if it doesn’t look like they’re trying to work the corner or going to a nightclub, leave them alone. 

My favorite example from my teen years was way before this debate got so crazy. At least girls can wear tank tops now. We had to have a cap sleeve!!! Sorry, still bitter….. Now back to my point. I was in a fitness class doing 5km+ runs. I got in trouble for taking off my shirt and running in my sports bra in 25C weather (when I wasn’t even on school property, but because it was class time I got in trouble).  The boys however could run shirtless. My argument was that I had on more clothes than they did. Still in trouble. Girls have to keep shirts on, but boys can go shirtless because they don’t have breasts. We couldn’t even wear muscle tanks, you couldn’t tie your shirt up. Had to be full proper Tshirts (I didn’t even go to a stuffy catholic school). I wanted to drop from heat stroke one day to prove my point. That was bullshit. 

Doesn’t look much different to me

So let’s take a second to chill. If a girl doesn’t have her ass cheaks hanging out, who really cares? I don’t. Let’s worry about making sure they understand financial responsibility, being a good person, how to take care of themselves and learning to make good choices. I think that’s the most important thing. If you teach them the big picture, I’m pretty sure they can get dressed and learn what’s appropriate vs it being shoved down their throats causing them to rebel. 

So girls grab whatever shorts you want. It’s your call.