Sometimes You Need To Kick Your Own Ass…


No one is more invested in yourself but you. It’s the simple down and dirty of it. Get of your ass. Don’t make excuses. No one has your ass chained to a couch!!!!! Even if they did, you could still get up and do some squats, push ups and sit ups. Long story short, its all you. You call the shots. If you don’t like where you’re at, take a long look on the mirror. 

Also, don’t put all your stock into what you fucking look like or where you are. Even at the best point in my life, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and say, “you are beautiful”.  I did last week, at my fucking worst, and that meant a lot. You can pick how you tackle the shit. 

I’m in need of a serious overhaul and this was my pep talk. And I will keep developing this plan and growing it and living it and making that shit work until I get what I want. I’M DONE CRYING. AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. 


Yep that’s real. I got mad at myself. And you’ll hear all about it because I will blog more. Promise. 
Keep strong beauties and beasts.