Inner strength 

It doesn’t matter what comes at you, how you let is shape you entirely rests on how you handle the situation. I could go on, blah blah blah (carrot, coffee, egg).

My life has had ups and downs. I’m not unique. My fitness goals didn’t start until 26 because I hadn’t needed any until then, but they’ve had their ups and downs too. Everyone has that. It’s so important that you never give up. That’s what gets you there. 

Somethings that work for me that might for you (and remember I’m not perfect either, so don’t panic about getting everything right).  Maybe they won’t and that’s ok too.  But I like to share in hopes I make a difference to one person. 

-keep a log going of how many days you’ve been hitting your goal without a miss. Beat that day count the next time without a miss. You will extend your good streaks and slowly create those good habits. 

-it’s about getting back on the horse, not how many times you’ve fallen off. Shake it off and get back to it. 

-find what drives you. I hate running, so my cardio routine sucks if I plan to run that week. I’ve gotten into rowing lately, so by using that as my cardio tool I miss less cardio sessions.

-inner strength. I can’t stress enough how mental health affects your overall fitness. Yes, you will feel less depressed by working out because exercise gets the good stuff flowing in your body/brain. But you need to build your soul muscles too (trust me, they’re real). Find out why you’re sad, come up with a plan and attack it. Don’t be with people who don’t lift you up. There are so many things that you can be active on. Don’t settle for being unhappy. Once you get the inside happy, the outside changes will come too. 

And it’s not crap; for the record. My boss used to tell me “fake it till you make it”. I hated the saying. I was always like, “but I’m not fake”.  Long story short, it did work. My work life is amazing now and I’m starting to be able to identify problems and poisonous people in my life.  Please put as much work into your soul as you try to do with your body. Your future self will thank you. 

Stay strong my beauties and beasts. 

You matter to someone, and that makes all the difference.