Sometimes less is more

I’ve been crushing my gains and setting new PRs almost every week. Which is sweet, but I know too that it will slow down eventually. But today I took a step back and it really paid off.

My chest has been my biggest gain and I’m regularly pressing with what used to be my one rep max last year. Cool stuff! But this morning I wasn’t feeling awesome but I dragged my ass to the gym anyway because that is what has to be done if you want success in fitness. So I decided to go for a more quality workout than just going to the max. I dropped my weights down, made sure my form was solid, kept my ROM where it should be and did some pauses in my sticky zones. I noticed some form abnormalities which would have gone unnoticed if I had just been pushing the heavy weights to get the reps done. 

So short story short today: sometimes taking a step back to check your situation out can pay off. And I think you can apply that to almost anything in your life. 

Also small rant…. google chest press and this is what you get for images. All the women are doing dinky dumbells and men are doing big presses. This is ridiculous. Stupid stereotypes.