Mind Your Own Fooding Business!!!

I think when it comes to health, fitness and life, the biggest struggle for most of us is what we eat. Honestly, if we all ate healthily all the time, we would never need exercise or just not as much of it. I know I eat like crap. I hate that I’m struggling to get my life on track. It also pains me when I see morbidly obese people in my family chug gallons of soda…… And I don’t say a thing. 

There’s an excellent reason why I don’t talk. It’s because people shut down. They are grownups and they don’t need to be told what they already know. They know it’s bad, and until they convince themselves otherwise, you’re just being patronizing. However, that doesn’t stop me from helping them. 

It comes down the the classic dichotomy of the boss vs leader. Boss just tells you what to do and not do. The leader shows you how to develop and grow yourself into a more successful person. Instead of barking at my family about how they’re going to die from diabetes, I share my new love for making fruit infused ice cubes to make water more fun. They learned something new and it inspires them to try other things. 

You also have to be so uplifting when they do something that’s in the right direction. If they are at diner and they choose that water instead of their usual sugar-filled carbonated poison…. make sure they know you’re proud of them for making the choice. And I stress that it’s about THEM. Don’t comment that they finally started to listen to YOU. Because you’re back to being the boss who can’t mind their own beeswax. 

If someone makes a healthy choice, don’t tell them the 15 other things they need to be doing also or instead. That’s overwhelming and can make them feel like the one thing they’re doing is wrong or not good enough. Getting fit and making changes is baby steps. Telling them their first or even seventh step is wrong could send them back to the beginning or even more backwards. 

Lastly don’t talk about yourself. What works for you may not work for them. Yes earlier I said I shared something that I fell in love with. I was just randomly talking about life without pushing an agenda. If they are interested, they will pick it up. I’m not doing these things to push my interests on them. I’m excited if I inspire them. But I’m not telling them they have to do what I do to be successful. My new vegan recipe hunting does nothing for the person who orders out every day. They’re going to tune me out if I keep talking that way, and eat a big greasy burger just to spite me. 

Long story short: unless you’re helping someone to elevate themselves….. mind your own fooding business.