Say Yes to the Chest

Here we are on another Muscle Monday!!!  So, what I’ve noticed about fitness habits from strolling around the internet and busting it at the gym, is that men neglect leg day and women only do leg day. There are some exceptions to the rule, but that seems to be the general trend. 

I know a lot of women fear “looking manly”, so they don’t like to lift heavy weights or do a lot of upper body work. However, they will squat and lunge until they can’t stand to make sure they have a nice behind and legs. But what’s wrong with having sculpted arms and a nice chest too?

I don’t think enough women are educated (in the specifics of building muscle) to understand that it takes years and dedication to strength training to look like a man. And it’s not their fault, it’s just a lack of research into muscke building (because it’s nit what they want and are not looking). That leaves them to be of the common belief that by lifting only 10lbs lots of times, they will get those defined arms they’re looking for without gaining volume or overall masculinity. This will never work becase we lift things in our day to day life that on average weigh 5-10lbs. If you do that at the gym, you’re not challenging your body and therefore you will see no changes. 

Training different muscle groups will gain you more overall muscle mass which in in turn burns more calories while your body is at rest (hooray for weight loss).  However, if you’re not challenging your body to new weights and new exercises, you won’t see any improvement. I know it can be intimidating for women to go grab a bench and start pushing out reps. For most, the bar is probably too heavy to even work with (WHICH WAS ME TWO YEARS AGO). So start on some machines just to get used to putting those new muscle groups to work. Then with some confidence you can take on the bench. And ask for help. Ask the cute guy that is over there pushing out some reps right now!

It never negatively affect you to get stronger. Infact, by doing chest specifically you are going to make everything look perkier up top… which no woman has ever complained about. So don’t be afraid to start challenging that upper body. I promise you won’t regret it. Say yes to working your chest!!!

My experience with changing routine:

I only did legs and abs. I was a dancer growing up so it was easy, and that’s all I cared about. Then I decided to try and branch out for a more balanced firgure, and to take off my post baby weight gain. This was also age 29 vs age 22. 

I hated doing chest days. My LEAST favorite muscle group to work because it was my weakest. But I pushed through the tough times and found success. When I first started, I couldn’t make it through two sets of 8 with just the bar. I felt like a dumbass. But through the years I’ve learned that no body laughs at anyone at the gym. It’s not like high school. Just keep doing your thing and you will get better.

Not me….

Through perseverance and positivity from the awesome people around me, I’ve gotten stronger. Now I love chest days. My one rep max two summers ago is now my working weight (80lbs). That’s double from where I started. So don’t worry about being sore, or looking weak or silly. You’ll make progress and you’ll be happy you did. 

Keep working it my beauties and beasts!!!!!

This is me