It’s about the “not”

Another trending Tuesday, and I think it’s just as important to talk about what is not in fashion as is what’s trending. Because I could drone on all day about particular fashion trends and you may hate them all. And let’s face it, some things that are super trendy come and go so quick, you can’t keep up. 

Now that we’re coming into spring, a new season is always a great chance to start fresh. New hair, new clothes and a fresh outlook on anything in your life. So what can you ditch from the closet rotation? Anything that you can’t find ANYWHERE.  This is the focus on the “not”.  Example: If you’ve gone to 15 stores to find flare style yoga pants and can’t find any, they are NOT in fashion and you need to leave the idea that you are going to keep wearing them behind. 

I’m not saying jump into things you don’t like or that aren’t flattering on your body. There are many styles to chose from that you can find out there now. I’m saying you need to get out of your 10 year old rutt of stuff that has been ‘working’ for you. Change is hard, I get it. When we find something we like, we stick to it hard. But it’s not going to hurt to try something new. 

How can you change it up? Here are some easy steps. 

-go window shopping: go around and just wander the stores with zero adgenda of buying, that way there is no pressure. Look around and see what’s in fashion. Do you like anything? 

-ask for help: anytime you go in a store, associates will ask you if there is anything your looking for. Your typical response (like anyone’s) is “I’m just browsing “.  And for now you are…. But ask!!!! Say “I’m looking to change my wardrobe can you just show me what’s new, or what you think will suit my body type”.  They will help you. You don’t need to buy anything. You can tell them that you’re just beginning to warm up to the idea of change. They will be patient. Also this is a good way for you to find the most helpful stores too. 

-ask a friend: who is always in the know in your circle? It’s good to use the help of someone you trust, if you’re worried about an honest opinion. If you’ve got a fashionista friend, they’re going to be 100% behind you (and super excited) to update your look. 

-be positive: it may take a while, so stay positive. Don’t let it get you down if you’re having a hard time finding something. You’ve been rooted into your wardrobe for how long? It’s going to take a while to find something that you like that’s different. 

-don’t knock it until you try it: you make think something is not your style. But you could put it on, and it could be the best looking thing in you. Try on everything and see what shakes out. You never know…. maybe that thing on the hanger does or does not work for you. It always look different on the hanger. 

So start looking right away because new spring collections are hitting stores now. Take a look around… can’t find your thick strap tank tops that you’ve worn with your flare low rise jeans since high school? Its time to change it up. Even just a little. 

Good luck out there my beauties and beasts.